Mac GoPro Video to DVD Creator, burn GoPro Hero HD video to DVD on Mac OS X Lion

As the finest wearable and gear-mountable cameras in the world, GoPro Hero HD camera is designed to go with you and capture life as it happens in stunning high definition. Have loved memories hiding on your favourite Gopro Hero HD camera and want to transfer those videos to DVDs with good-looking, easy navigation menus.


GoPro HD Video to DVD Creator for Mac can be the ideal choice for Mac user to watch and play GoPro Hero HD video on Lion. It provides a simple and swift solution to burn GoPro Hero HD MP4 video to DVD. In addition, this great Mac DVD Creator also enable you split your videos into chapters, add music or background image to your menus or cut scenes you don’t want with minimal effort.


How to burn GoPro Hero HD MP4 video files to DVD on Mac OS X Lion?


Step 1: Transfer GoPro Hero HD video to Mac

Connect GoPro Hero HD camcorder to Mac by plugging the camera into the AC adaptor, and the USB plug. Copy the mp4 video files to your Mac hard drive when a new drive appears.


Step 2: Install and run the programs to begin load GoPro Hero HD MP4 video files.



Step 3: Specify output destination.

Insert a blank DVD disc into Mac hard drive, Define the output file format from the "Destination" drop-down menu and you can select to burn the GoPro videos to DVD disc or save as DVD folder or ISO file for backup.




4.Customize DVD menu.

Edit your DVD menu by selecting menu topic from multiple menu templates or setting background music, images.



5.Burn GoPro Hero HD Video to DVD for Mac OS X Lion.

Click the bended arrow icon to burn the GoPro Hero HD videos to DVD with DVD Creator for Mac.