SWF to FLA Converter for Mac, decompile Flash SWF to FLA on Snow Leopard

Published on by athna

The FLA file format is the "master" document format for Flash projects. It contains all the elements which make up the finished product, including graphics, animation instructions, actionscript code, comments, etc.


The FLA file does not play or execute. Instead, you export an SWF (or EXE) file which is what end users see. You can preview the resulting SWF file at any time from the FLA file.


Sometimes, people will have the needs to get the of the original FLA document format from the SWF files to make some alternations to the old files. Then they can decompile the SWF files to its original source fiel format FLA with SWF to FLA Converter Mac for further modification.


How to convert SWF to FLA with Mac SWF Decompiler on Mac OS X?


1.Download Mac SWF Decompiler, install and launch it.


2.Open and preview the SWF files.

Click "Open" button on top-left panel to import the SWF files that you desire to convert, you can preview the flash files in the program. 


3.Export SWF to FLA.

Navigate to and click the "Convert" icon on right panel to open the output window, you can set the basic output parameters such as file name, path, format, you are also available to do some  advanced settings. 



4.Decompile SWF to FLA Mac.

Hit "Convert" button to decomile Flash SWF to its source file FLA format. 


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