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Question: I've got 20+ mp3 files that I'd like to join into a single file. I know GarageBand will allow me to do this, however, I can't get two tracks to join seamlessly...GarageBand insists in leaving a small gap or overwriting a fraction of the tracks. Can anyone recommend a easy to use utility that will help me out?

Mac MP3 Merger is the simple to use application specially designed for Mac users to join MP3 files on Mac seamlessly. Just check "Merge into one file" on right-bottom, you can merge/combine all the MP3 files into one single file.


How to merge/join/combine MP3 audio files on Lion with Mac MP3 Merger?


1.Free download and install MP3 Converter for Mac, launch it on your Mac.

2.Input MP3 audio files.
Click top-left "Add File" button to load the MP3 files.



Tips: Make sure that the MP3 files are added in right orders because the output file will be joined according to the file list

from top to bottom.


3.Merge MP3 files Lion.
Check "Merge into one file" on the right main interface to join/combine the MP3 files into one single file.



4.Carry out the merge process.
Hit "Convert" button to begin to join MP3 on Lion.



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