MP3 Cutter Mac, cut/split/trim large MP3 files into small parts on Mac Lion

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Question:Hi everyone, I need to find a software for Mac which can quickly cut/split an MP3 or audio file into several parts. Your advice is greatly appreciated here. Thanks!

MP3 Cutter Mac is absolutely the ideal solution for Mac users to cut MP3 files on Lion with ease. With this great application, you can easily cut/split/trim large/long MP3 files into small audio clips.


How to cut/split/trim large MP3 files into small clips on Mac Lion?

1.Get MP3 Converter for Mac installed and launched on your Mac.

2.Load MP3 audio files.
Hit "Add File" button to import the MP3 audio files that you want to cut.


3.Cut MP3 Files Mac.
Open the "Trim" window, you can cut/split the MP3 files into small parts by setting the start time and end time.


4.Hit "Convert" button to split MP3 files on Mac OS X Lion.



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