M4A to MP3 Converter, how to convert iTunes M4A to MP3?

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What is M4A format?
M4A is one of the latest audio format stands for MPEG 4 Audio. This high quality audio file compressed with the Apple Lossless Encoder (ALE), uses the ALAC. You can buy M4A music through the iTunes Store, and then enjoy them with your Apple Media Players like iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc.

However, M4A music which you bought from iTunes Store have DRM protection, and are not compatible with many MP3 players. So do you want to convert iTunes M4A to MP3 for playing on MP3 players or enjoy on your Car?

iTunes M4A to MP3 Converter is an excellent tool for converting iTunes M4A music. Only need click your mouse, you can easily convert unencrypted M4A audio files to MP3 format. After converting, you enjoy your playback iTunes M4A music on MP3 players like Sansa, Sony Walkman, Zune, Creative Zen, etc

How to convert iTunes M4A to MP3 with M4A to MP3 Converter?

1. Free download iTunes M4A to MP3 Converter, install and run it.


m4a to mp3 converter


2. Import M4A music
Click "load files" to add iTunes M4A music to the Converter.


import m4a


3. Trim M4A files
Click "Trim" button to enter trim window. You can set the start time and end time by dragging the slide under the preview window.


trim m4a


4. Set output format
In the drop down list of "Profile", choose MP3 as output format.


set output format


5. Convert M4A to MP3.
Click "Start" button, iTunes M4A music will be converted to MP3 files automatically.


convert itunes m4a to mp3

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