iTunes M4V to Kindle Fire, play DRM protected iTunes M4V movies on Kindle Fire

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iTunes Plus makes it available to download drm free songs and music videos in the highest quality 256 kbps AAC audio encoding(twice the audio quality of protected music purchases). You can burn the iTunes plus music to CD, sync to any AAC-enabled device such as iPod, iPhone, Apple TV.


Good news is that the Amazon Cloud also supports non-DRM AAC, so you can transfer all your iTunes Plus songs and music video to your newly purchased Kindle Fire. Bad news is that the movies you bought from iTunes store are still under DRM protection, so that you can directly watch them on your Kindle Fire.


Therefore, to play iTunes M4V movies on Kindle Fire, you will first have to remove the M4V DRM protection and then convert iTunes M4V to Kindle Fire playable MP4 format.

play itunes movies on kindle fire

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