How to recover MS word password with Brute Force Word Password Cracker?

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What is Brute Fore Attack:
Brute Fore Attack is a strategy that can be used when it is not possible to take advantage of other weaknesses in an encryption system (if any exist) that would make the task easier. It involves systematically checking all possible keys until the correct key is found. In the worst case, this would involve traversing the entire search space.

How long does it take to crack a password?
The time required to crack a password with Brute Fore Attack is dependent on how long the password is, how many characters are allowed in each position (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters).

Brute Force Word Password Cracker
is the outstanding Word Password Recovery Tools. It can recover forgotten passwords for protected Word documents(*.doc, *.docx) created in MS Office Word 2007, 2003, XP, 2000 and 97 with Brute Force Attack to unlock your password protected document in a few minutes.

How to crack and recover MS word password with Brute Force Attack?

1.Free download Word Password Recovery software, install and launch it.


word password cracker


2.Select your word file.
Select your computer local file that you would like to remove the password.


recover word password

3.Check recovery method.
Check "Brute-force attack" method to trying all possible combination of alphabets, number and special characters to remove your word password.


remove word password


4.Recover word password with Brute Force Attack.
Hit "Next" button to start to remove/crack your password-protected Word document in a few minutes.


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