How to put face into another picture/photo with Face change software?

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Have you ever imagined yourself become a super star like Yao Ming, Beckham or Britney? This is just imagination. But if there is a software will allow you put face into another body, or put another face on your body, it must bring you great fun.

Face change software is the perfect one to help you to put face into another picture. You can put different faces into different pictures/photos. For example, if you don't want to put the same picture as your avatar in websites you have registered before, this Face change software will do you a great favor, you may put your most beautiful faces to different photos you have taken before in different time and place, such as Summer or Winter photo, studying or playing photo etc. Then you can put these funny photos to your website, MySpace, FaceBook and so on.

Guide: How to put a face into another picture on Windows 7, Vista, XP?

Step1: Import any picture you want to use as background
Click “My Templates” at the top of the panel tab to select the pictures you want to insert the face into.


import templates


Step2: Capture a face from another picture
Click “My Faces” tab to crop your face from another picture and this image will be added to the template you have chosen just now.


import faces


Step3: Insert that face into the background picture.
Click “My Fantasy” tab to see a preview of the funny image and adjust some setting to meet your need.


put face into another picture

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