How to fill out a PDF form with PDF Filler?

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Question: Allowing customers to fill out a pdf form online?
The company i work for has just started running training courses in microsoft office. I need to create a booking form which customers can fill in and then it sends as a pdf document to my email address. Either that or have them fill in the PDF form directly from the website and click send? Is there any way to do this? Thanks.


PDF Filler is the beneficial application with professional function to fill out scanned pdf forms. It enables users to write in pdf format with a visual form filler editor to define filler field type including image, text, rectangle, line, arrow, ellipse and their position, color, alignment, size attributes with ease.


After fill out the PDF form, you can print it or back and save the data to a XML file for further use.

How to fill/type/write out a PDF form with PDF Filler?

1.Install PDF Filler, lauch it for free evaluation.

2.Load pdf files.
Click "Add PDF File" to import the PDF files that you would like to fill out forms.


add pdf files


3.Fill out PDF form.
Select scanned form image and it will display on the right panel
Click "" button to add a new "Text Field", you can move and change the size of the "Text Field" by dragging the mouth. Fill out your "Text Field" as you need.


fill out text form


Click "' button to insert an image, drag the mouth to move or change image size.


fill out image form

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