How to easily transfer iPod photo to Mac?

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Question: Recently my MacBook hard drive died on me and I had to send it to apple to get replaced. So my baby is back... The only problem is that all my photos were saved on the hard drive and my Iphone.

My question is Does anyone know a third party program that lets me take the photos off of the Iphone and transfer to my Mac? I would prefer that I can get a program for Mac.


 iPhone Photo to Mac Transfer is the simple to use application that can help Mac users to easily backup your iPhone photos to your Mac/iTunes. In addition, As a comprehensive iPhone to Mac Transfer application, this software also enables you to copy iPod songs, videos to Mac, sync iphone contact to mac, transfer iphone sms to mac and backup iphone ibooks to mac.

Step by step to transfer iPhone Photo to Mac with ease?

Step1: Download and install the software.


download iphone photo to mac


Step2: Connect iPhone to the Transfer
After connect iPhone to the Transfer, all the menus on the iPhone will show up in the panel of the Transfer program.


connect iphone to transfer


Step3: Transfer iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 to Mac
(1) Click the "Photo" (or "Camera") button on the left to display all the book files in the library panel.
(2) Choose the specific book files you want to transfer and check them by ticking in the corresponding box.
(3) Click the "Export checked files to local" button to transfer iPhone Photo to Mac and create a new folder to save them.


transfer iphone photo to mac


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