How to easily transfer iPhone photo, music, video, sms, contact, callist, ibooks, PDF, EPUB to PC?

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iPhone to PC Transfer related problems:
1.I recently had a nasty computer virus and had to wipe my hard drive clean, I lost all my music file but was ok with that since my Iphone had my entire library on it, Now I cannot find a way to restore my music library from my IPhone.
2.I'm looking for a transfer program to take the data off my iphone and put it into itunes because i got a new laptop and id like my music, video, etc on it.
3.How do i transfer contacts and pictures to my pc from my iphone so that i can transfer them to my new iphone?

Generally, if the items(music, movies, TV shows, books, etc) on your iPhone has been purchased from the iTunes Store, you can transfer them to any computer that is authorized for your iTunes Store account.

However, if they are not purchased from iTunes store, or the items that you have to transfer is iPhone photo, contact, sms, callist, simple authorize and sync will not work.

iPhone to PC Transfer is the brilliant application that provides a pretty simple way to transfer iPhone data to PC. With this program, you can transfer iPhone photo to PC, sync iPhone music/video to PC, backup iPhone contact/sms/callist to PC, copy iPhone ibooks/epub/pdf to PC with just few steps.

Step by step to transfer/copy/backup/sync iPhone to PC with ease

Step 1: Download and install the software


download iphone ibooks to pc

Step2: Connect iPhone to the Transfer
After connect iPhone to the Transfer, all the menus on the iPhone will show up in the panel of the Transfer program.


connect iphone to transfer


Step3: Transfer iPhone photo/music/video/contact/sms/callist/ibooks to PC
(1) Click the "Photo" (or "books") button on the left to display all the book files in the library panel.
(2) Choose the specific book files you want to transfer and check them by ticking in the corresponding box.
(3) Click the "Export checked files to local" button to transfer iPhone items to PC and create a new folder to save them.


transfer iphone ibooks to pc

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