How to easily add powerful password to a batch of PDF files?

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Wish to protect your PDF files security with powerful password so that other people won’t be able to open your PDF files to do some copy and paste? Any simple but safe ways to add password to a batch of PDF files?

Add password to PDF with PDF Password Security helps protect your PDF documents from unauthorized access with standard password security: 40-bit RC4 encryption, which is supported by Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or above. 128-bit RC4 encryption, which is supported by Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above.

You are also available to change restrictions of your PDF files. Set a PDF file to require a password to open, or restrict user’s access to print, copy content, change the file, etc.


The following guide will show you how to add password to PDF with PDF Password Security:


Step 1: Add PDF files or PDF directory.
You can add single PDF document or add batch PDF documents, as well as PDF directory.


add pdf files

Step 2: Select security method.
Security level → permissions → edit properties → add expiry date


select security method



edit properties


set expiry date

Step 3: Save encrypted PDF files.


save pdf files

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