How to create Flipping Book from ePub files with ePub to FlipBook Converter?

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Is there a better way for us to read eBook than reading eBook in the most popular- ePub? Yes, FlipBook is the integration of web pages, hyperlinks, audio, music, video, animation, virtual reality, multimedia technology and broadband-rich content and well meet our demands. And now I have a problem is that I have bought so many ePub files, is there any way for me to convert ePub to FlipBook?


ePub to FlipBook Converter is a good way to convert ePub to vivid 3D page flipping book, and you can create your own books both online and offline easily. After transferring ePub to FlipBook, flashing Flipping Book will move you from a complex technology to liberate and return to the traditional reading pleasure. At the same time, vivid 3D FlipBook will make you enjoy reading process in audio-visual, human-computer interaction and its spiritual and cultural needs.


Guide: How to convert epub files to flash Flipbook with Flipbook Creator software?


Step1: Download and install ePub to FlipBook Converter

download epub to flipbook converter


Step2: Customize flash Flipping Book and choose flipbook your favourite template from multiple selections.

customize flash flipping book


Step3: Set output type and output path.

output setting


Step4: Start to convert ePub to FlipBook

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