How to convert Powerpoint to flash to easily share and distribute online?

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Why convert Powerpoint to Flash

The great advantages of flash format over the powerpoint format make it beneficial to convert Powerpoint to flash for sharing presentation across education and business network.

1.Flash format is widely compatible with most operation systems and handheld devices.
2.Flash format is highly compressed and small in size for streaming on the internet or share through email.
3.Flash format can easily accessible on web browser with flash plug-in installed.
4.PowerPoint presentations can be easily edited, while Flash files are more secure
5.Audio files can be integrated easily in flash file.


Five ways to convert Powerpoint to flash

Convert PPT to Flash with Powerpoint to flash converter in three simple steps
1. Download PowerPoint to Flash and install it on your computer.
2. Launch the program, import your PPT presentation with it.
3. Click Publish to convert your presentation to Flash.
Virtue: All the animations, hyperlinks, multimedia objects are well preserved after the conversion.


Convert PowerPoint to Flash using OpenOffice
1. Launch Impress.
2. File -> Open, open the PowerPoint presentation that you wish to convert to flash.
3. Click File -> Export.
4. Choose Adobe Flash (SWF) (.swf) in the Filter box. Click OK.
Cons: All the animations, multimedia files in the presentation will disappear after conversion.

Convert PowerPoint to Flash manually with Adobe Flash
1. Saving PowerPoint slide into WMF.
Office button -> Save As -> Other Formats, choose Windows Metafile (*.WMF) at Save as type drop-down list, and
click Save. Then click Every Slide button in the pop-up dialog.
2. Importing the WMF files into Flash.
3. Exporting the FLA file to a SWF file.
Defect: The conversion process is rather complicated.

Convert PowerPoint to Flash via web application
Zamzar is an online file conversion to allows user to convert files without downloading a software tool. Just upload your PowerPoint presentation, select output swf format and then input your email to
receive an email with a URL from where you can download the converted file.
Disadvantages: Limitation for upload file size, output animations disappear.

Convert PowerPoint to Flash with presentation sharing website
Some good presentation sharing websites like,, enables you to upload and convert your presentation to Flash and then share the SWF files on web.
Cons: You can’t download the converted SWF file to your computer.

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