How to add page numbers to PDF files with PDF Page Number?

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Questions about adding page numbers to PDF
Does anyone know how to insert page numbers into a .pdf document? I have searched through Acrobat and Preview to no avail. I need the numbers to appear on the printed page. Is there another program that I should try.
I have a bunch of lose pdf files created in different softwares, I need to put them all together with a consecutive number page. is there a program to do this?

PDF Page Number is the perfect and simple solution to add page number in PDF files. This great application provides a macro method for three kinds of macro for numbering PDF pages: current page number{p:0}, total page number{t:0}, last page number {l:0}.

What's more, there are multiple settings to customize page numbers. You can define page number style, specify font name, size, color, add prefix for page number, set processing page range. You are also available to set page numbering method as symmetry or continuous.

How to add page numbers to PDF files in simple ways?

1.Get started PDF Page Number for free evaluation.

2.Load PDF files.
Hit top-left "Add File" button to load the PDF files or "Add Folder" icon to batch import multiple PDF files at once. And the PDF files will display on the list.


input pdf files


3.Set page number format.
Input your specified page format according to the macro method, for example, you type page format as {p:000} of {t:0}, current page number is "2", total page number is "50", then the result will be "page 002 of 50"


set page number option


4.Add page number to PDF.
After all the number settings are done, click "Numbering" to start the numbering process.


add page number to pdf

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