How to add background and frame to webcam and take a cool photo?

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"Whenever I see people taking photots with a webcam, they could put on cool backgrounds like as if they were in space, the beach, or on a roller coaster. Someone take photos with cute frames. How to make those cool effects appear on the webcam? It's interesting, and I really want to have a try!"

Yes, it's hot now to take photos with interesting or funny backgrounds and frames through webcams. People need something more convenient, faster and easier-to-use than Photoshop to deal with the photos by themselves, and Webcam Studio emerges at the right time.

Webcam Studio is a software which can add different backgrounds and frames to webcam, and people can take snapshots with these effects through webcam. Users can add images in BMP, JPG and PNG as webcam backgrounds. There are also many lovely and beautiful frames available.

With Webcam Studio, you can take photos with any super stars on Hollywood; you can take photos with penguins on the South Pole; you can take photos on any places of interest around the world! Just add their pictures to webcam, then you can realize your dream!

Webcam Studio makes you a magical photographer, now let's enjoy the magical trip!

How to add background to webcam with Webcam Studio:

Step 1: Click "Webcam" and enter "Video Effects"

Step 2: Customize background
Select "Background" or "Frame" on Webcam Studio, or you can click "IMG+" icon to add background picture from your own computer. You can also edit text by click "TEX+" icon.

Step 3: Click "Snapshot" to take a photo with the background and frame


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