Android Magazine App Maker, build Android flipping magazine app from PDF and image

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Have couple of good ideas for Android app, but don't know any way to make them. Is there an Android App Maker for you to download?

Android Magazine App Maker hits the market for Android App Maker enthusiast to convert PDF and image files to portable page-flipping electronic magazine publications for popular Android devices.

Features as a convenient Magazine App, you can add background music for your flip magazine, search image or text files, create page thumbnails, define application icons/name, create keystore for android digital certificate, move pages up and down or zoom in/out the pages to check under the page preview function. You are also avaiable to export your magazine as projects for further editing.

How to build page-flipping effect Android Magazine App with Android Magazine App Maker?

1.Free Download Android Magazine App Maker, install it for free evaluation.

2.Add PDF files.
Click "Add PDF Files" icon to import the PDF files from local.

add pdf files


3.Set application icon, loading icon and thumbnail icon.
Click "Build" button, then in the open window, you can set the application icon, loading icon and thumbnail icon for the android magazine app.

set application loading thumbnail icon


4.Enter Keystore password for android magazine app.
Hit "Next" button to switch to open another window, here you can type a keystore password to protect your android digital certificate.

create android magazine app keystore


5.Set output Android magazine parameters.
Go to next step, and you can specify magazine name, destination apk file, package prefix, package name, version code and version name, you are also available to embed advertisement in your application.

specify output apk file name path


6.Build Android Magazine App.
Click "Next" button and go to the last step, just hit right bottom "Finish" button to make android magazine application.

build android magazine app

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